Kovai Agro Foods

Certifications &
Quality Control

Kovai Agro Foods has established a quality control department to supervise and maintain the high quality of products throughout processing. We have well established Lab with modern equipments for analysis. Kovai Agro Foods quality control testing commences with the screening of raw materials prior to reaching the production unit. We monitor the products analytically from the commencement of processing until the final product to ensure 100% quality assurance. Our in-house facilities have ISO 22000 and GMP certifications.
We are one of the largest manufacturers of Organic Virgin Coconut oil and Organic Desiccated Coconut Powder in India. Under contract farming system, we are procuring Organic coconut from more than 500 farmers. We have well established and fully mechanized production facility to deliver the best quality products in time.

Our Philosophy

We dedicated to provide best quality coconut products to enables the human to have healthy life. Our company envisions itself a one holistic partner of food companies entrusting their name in a relationship that sees no end. Our aim is to provide perpetual livelihood to its local fellowmen as they provide quality products to the consumers of the world.


Organic Farms

Considering the rapidly growing international market demand for organic products, we are procuring organic Coconut and other spices from around 800 acres of organic certified land in India and more than 500 acres of organic certified land at Sri Lanka to produce large volume of organic products.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a way of life inside Kovai Agro Foods, because everyone believes that it is not just a strict rule that they have to follow – to them, quality assurance is their way of showing that every end consumer deserves nothing but pure quality. Because quality flows naturally to everyone in the production plants, the company achieves superlative quality all the time.

Our Certifications

Kovai Agro Foods utilizes multiple testing procedures to ensure products meet international standards. We ensure all products are tested and certified to achieve standards of purity, heavy metals, pesticides, microbes, residues and GMO status. We maintain internationally recognized levels of hygiene to prevent contamination and to ensure the superior quality of products.