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Our unpasteurized Coconut Vinegar contains strands of the “mother culture” which gives it a cloudy appearance. These cobweb like strands are composed of raw enzymes, protein molecules, and living, beneficial, gut -friendly bacteria. One of the most unique characteristics of Coconut Vinegar is that if forms its own mother culture as it naturally ages.

Although this product is made in a dedicated facility that makes only Coconut Vinegar, it is later bottled in a facility that also occasionally bottles peanut and walnut oils, as well as dressing that may contain gluten. The machines are thoroughly washed and sterilized before and after each production run, and adhere to the strictest allergen protocols. While we are virtually certain that there is no commingling, for liability reasons, we cannot 100% guarantee that there is no contamination, even though it is highly unlikely.

Certified Organic, Raw Coconut Sap naturally aged for 8 months to a year. Each hand-made batch may vary slightly in flavour and colour.

Our Organic Coconut Vinegar has incredible health benefits:

  • Rich Minerals
  • Vitamin Content
  • Pure and Unrefined
  • It is low on the Glycemic Index level
  • It is Organic and non GMO