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Coconut fat is termed as a weight loss friendly fat that helps people shed additional unhealthy weight. The fats help absorb certain vitamins and increase metabolism. The protein content in the coconut powder is a natural aid to a healthy lifestyle.

Eating clean is the first step towards improving your lifestyle and achieving the best for your body. Our product - organic protein powder, is filled with rich nutrients and protein that enhances your muscle growth while maintaining a healthy balance. The organic coconut protein powder can be added to your meals and it is incredibly tasty as well.

It helps maintain calorie control, alkalises anomalies, boosts the metabolism and the manufacturing process is healthy for our environment, as well.

Benefits of Coconut Protein Powder:

  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Fights Diseases
  • Healthy Alternative for Energy
  • Tasty and Flavourful
  • Helps Weight Loss