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The distinction between coconut cream and coconut water is the concentration and consistency.Coconut cream is thick and rich, made from simmering four parts of the shredded coconut. It is a sweetened version, which has several health benefits for human usage.

Coconut milk powder is made by drying coconut cream. It is an active cooking ingredient that is used for its multiple health benefits and popularly, in the food industry. It easily blends in liquids and maintains consistency. It helps prevent anaemia, regulate heart functioning, increase body fitness, regulates breathing and constitutes anti-bacterial benefits.

There include several benefits that help enhance our milk cream powder. The high amount of iron found in the coconut milk is crucial in preventing heart irregularities, muscle fatigue and anaemia. The powder contains antimicrobial properties that helps fight disease and promotes a healthier and easier life for our consumers. The powder/cream contains rich nutrients that will make a significant impact in the daily lives of people.