About Us

Yesterday’s Impossibilities; Today’s Achievements!

Hailing from Pollachi, the land that holds the pride of the title - Coconut City, Kovai Agro Foods has emerged as a prominent Organic Foods Manufacturer. Since 1955, Kovai Agro Foods has been uplifted and promoted by the backbone of the BKA Group, who are diversified into businesses like coconut farming, manufacturing of various kinds of coconut products like Copra (Edible copra, Ball Copra and Milling copra), Coconut Oil, Coconut Shell, Exporting of fresh Vegetables.

We source Coconuts from Pollachi, Malabar region (Kerala) and Nagarkovil, which is known for its naturally sweet and perfect coconuts. Fresh Farms for Fresh Products!

From the hearts of Kovai Agro Food, we present Naturally Sweet Dessicated Coconut Powder. The soil of our Nation promotes the growth of agricultural products and adds the natural essence of sweetness, and such is the case of our coconuts too. We proudly present, Naturally Sweet Dessicated Coconut Powder to our discerning and valued customers. With state of the art manufacturing machinery to process coconuts, we also commit to good quality standards in a hygienic production environment to help satisfy each and every customer.

Our customers are our top priority, and we work to fulfil their individual needs through our diverse range of products. We are a company built on the principles of determination, drive and diversity. We hope to bring to your homes and to your tables, fresh and healthy products, thus enhancing your lifestyle and promoting a healthier tomorrow.

Integrated to be Better than the Best!

With pride, we have made the initiative to be a part of several communities and associations to provide better for our loyal consumers.

Coconut Development Of India

Asian Pacific Coconut Community

Agricultural Processed Food Products Export Development Authority

Association Of Food Scientists And Technologists

All India Food Processors’ Association

Vision & Mission

Vision soars wheN hope and hard work are in the air!


“To provide healthy products to all our customers by delivering nature’s gift as true as it is.”


“To explore the hidden nature of the coconut and deliver to consumers to experience the difference.”


We are dedicated to provide best quality coconut products to enable our consumers to have a healthy life. Our company envisions itself as a holistic partner of food companies entrusting their name in a relationship that sees no end. Our aim is to provide perpetual livelihood to local fellow-men as they provide quality products to the consumers of the world.


Quality assurance is a way of life inside Kovai Agro Foods, because everyone believes that it is not just a strict rule that they have to follow – to them, quality assurance is an act that translates that every end consumer deserves nothing but pure quality. Because quality flows naturally to everyone in the production plants, the company achieves superlative quality all the time.

Quality is never compromised on the grounds of Kovai Agro Foods, and we work with precision and clarity to deliver nothing but the best.

Kovai Agro Foods utilizes multiple testing procedures to ensure products meet international standards and consumer expectations. All products at Kovai Agro Foods are ensured testing and preparation to surpass certification and to achieve standards of purity, heavy metals, pesticides, microbes, residues and GMO status. We maintain internationally recognized levels of hygiene to prevent contamination and to ensure the superior quality of products.